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Leveraging our technology expertise to provide next gen solutions with advanced architecture inside and providing a simple and seamless user experience outside.

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Technology Leadership

Always ahead of the curve, we off‑er advanced solutions.

Tapping the unlimited potential of Robotics, ML and DL, Sysarks is transforming industries and making them future-ready. Our innovative solutions are setting the trends in the realms of Blockchain, NFT, Near SDK, Smart Contracts. IoT, Robotics etc.

Agility & Adaptability

Unleashing Technological Wizardry, we Master Agility in Project Tracking

Sysarks, with its ingenious use of smart sensors and WiFi-connected devices, revolutionizes project tracking in consulting services. Real-time insights on team behavior, productivity patterns, and proactive measures ensure seamless project execution and success.

Collaborative Partnerships

Powering Change Through Dynamic Partnerships

Sysarks drives innovation by forging strategic partnerships, fostering industry connections, and tapping into a vast network of expertise. Embracing collaboration, we have utilized blockchain and NFTs to empower NGOs, revolutionizing fundraising, ensuring transparency and security, tracking impact, and engaging donors like never before.

Core Services

The unparalleled technological edge sets us apart, as we are redefining service standards in this new era of innovation and performance.

Extra Low Voltage Implementations

Setting new benchmarks: ELV Systems for the Modern World
Our ELV solutions are meticulously crafted to optimize communication networks, enhance security systems, and elevate audio-visual experiences to unprecedented levels.
Experience the future of efficiency with our expertly engineered ELV systems, designed to revolutionize the way you work, communicate, and protect your assets.

Industrial Automation

Technological Excellence Across Diverse Industries
Harnessing the technologies like computer vision, ML, image processing, AI-based cyber security, Sysarks has its foot hold in varied industries like scientific research labs, logistics and supply chain, retail, energy and utilities, Health care and manufacturing.

Display Systems

Transforming Spaces with Cutting-Edge Display Systems
Elevating the visual experience with innovative display solutions that create stunning video walls and seamless multi-screen setups.
From board rooms to parking spaces our solutions offer seamless presentation control, automated lighting, and real-time collaboration capabilities.

Penetrates through opaque objects made of plastic and cloth.

Segragates objects and aggregates information.

Precise position and fine motion detection sub-mm range accuracy.

Rain, fog, dust, snow are inconsequential.

Enabling intelligent business decisions that derive profitable outcomes.

With meticulous use of powerful tools of  Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, data analytics,  we derive information that will help in steering the business in the right direction.

Our never-heard-before models are giving accurate results with automation and providing a window for businesses to expand.

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