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Ensuring child safety while they are on-the-go. How about having one app to serve different purposes – to parents, school admin team and the bus drivers?

We play with data and display interfaces that provide unique-looking user experience to different set of people. Using the same data points from the same source, Sysarks provides multiple UI that gives information in different forms.

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For Parents
Knowing where the school-bus is, helps the parents to be punctual or to locate the bus and chase it otherwise.

GPS, CCTV, RFID and the Sysarks edge. 
Using the most used technologies and powerful architecture designed by Sysarks, Orby provides an all-new user experience to parents and school admins. Not forgetting the final contact between school and the child, Orby has a UI that gives useful information to the school-bus drivers.
Live visuals, attendance and much more…  
The futuristic dashboard in the mobile app which is also web-enabled, empowers the school admin team to track the entire fleet of busses through various caution alerts and notifications. The CCTV integration gives real-time insights about the events in the bus. Using RFID technology, Orby provides a solution for student attendance management as well.